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Propane is a safe, clean, economical and exceptional energy source. It generates 68 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity and saves you up to 50 percent in home and water heating. Propane is perfect for cooking, fireplaces, outdoor living applications, pool heaters, auto-gas for vehicle fleets and forklifts, emergency power generation, lawnmowers, and other business applications.

Automatic Gas provides homes and businesses with propane power. To find out more about our services, choose an option below or contact us with your specific needs.

What does this mean? By using this chart a consumer can calculate the average value each fuel can bring to his home utilize. A gallon of propane has 91,330 BTUs per gallon. Therefore, a consumer would need 26.76 Kwh of electricity to equal the BTU value of one gallon of propane (3,412*26.76=91,330), or a consumer would need 1.5 gallons of propane to equal the BTU value of 1 gallon of fuel oil (91,330*1.53=139,735).

This information is useful when a consumer is trying to decide which type of fuel they should use in their home. A consumer that can collect some simple facts, such as the prices of each type of fuel can do some relatively simple calculations to decide which product will save them money while providing them the comfort they desire.

Other Reasons to Choose Propane

  • Clean Propane is clean burning and non-toxic
  • Reliable Propane works when and where other energy sources do not
  • Safe Propane has built in safety properties along with stringent safety regulations

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