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At Greenville Automatic Gas, safety is our #1 concern. We participate in the National Propane Gas Association's GASCheck™ Program to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. Greenville Automatic Gas performs a GASCheck™ for all new customers and periodically for current customers...and we do it free of charge.


A GASCheck™ consists of the following:

  • Overall inspection of your tank
  • Block and level tank if necessary
  • Pressure test the yard line
  • Pressure test furnace line and fittings
  • Check furnace and fresh air supply
  • Pressure test water heater vent and fresh air supply
  • Pressure test all other gas lines to all other appliances
  • Inspect all appliances to make sure they are clean burning and properly vented

During the summer, we also perform the following services for our customers' tanks if needed:

  • Overall inspection of your tank
  • Remove dirt, rust and mold
  • Paint the tank with Flynt Aluminum Paint

The first GasCheck™ is performed free of charge. Repeated out-of-gas occurrances will incur a service charge.


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