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Automatic Gas has served the energy needs of east and northeast Texas businesses for more than 60 years. With businesses large and small, we've developed a reputation for reliability and dependability. We own and operate 13 bulk storage facilities located close to the businesses we supply with propane. This guarantees on-time delivery, quick turnaround, and the ability to meet the needs of our commercial customers.

In addition to residential use, Automatic Gas provides propane to business, commercial, and agriculture fields as well. Below is a small sample listing of propane uses in these fields.

  • Forklift Cylinder: Propane forklifts are clean, safe and efficient. They offer the best performance in power and speed and save money on fuel costs.Automatic Gas Co. provides commercial accounts with bulk tanks for comvenience. Fill your own cylinders on-site from your own storage tank!
  • Backup / Standby Power Systems: Inclement weather and power outages can wreak haboc on a business. Do Not lose valuable work hours. Backup propane systems are reliable, efficient and cost effective.
  • Bulk Delivery Service: No matter what the amount of propane you use or the size of storage tank you need, Greenville Automatic Gas has the service and knowledge you need to plan for future delivery and usage.
  • Restaurant and Food Service: Food prep and refrigeration are other commercial uses for propane.
  • Hotels and Lodges: Propane is efficient in heating water and air for the comfort of guests spending time in your establishment
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Vehicle Fleet Fuel Services: Propane is growing in popularity as an alternative fuel source for fleet vehicles. It is clean burning and safe for the environment, which makes it a good choice.
  • Construction Heating
  • Commercial/Industrial Appliance Hookup, Installation and Service
  • Nurseries: Used as a heat source to nurture plants in greenhouses.
  • Livestock: Poultry and pig farms use propane to keep their livestock warm.
  • Crop Drying and Curing: Across the United States propane is used to dry crops such as corn, soybeans, peanuts, etc. It is also used in curing tobacco.
  • Weed Control: Propane gas flame weeders have reported higher yields per acre by using propane.
  • Pest Control: Propane gas flamers provide 70 to 90 percent control of wintering adult insects compared with 25 — 50 percent provided by chemical pesticides, and propane flamers cost three to five times less per acre than chemical controls.

Our experience ensures you'll get the service you want and need. By calculating your propane usage and a regularly scheduled propane delivery, we can help you decide on a storage tank size that will perfectly fit your needs. Propane delivery and service provided by Automatic Gas will help ease the worry of running a successful business.

Contact Us today to see how Automatic Gas can provide you with the reliable propane service you want and deserve for your business.


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