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The pricing plans offered by Greenville Automatic Gas help ease your worries about energy bills. Our Budget Plan, Pre-Buy Plan, and Price Cap Plan are all designed to protect you from ever-changing energy prices and give you control over your energy spending. Take advantage of the plan that best fits your needs.


FREE Price Cap Insurance for the current season for any Budget Plan customer that signs up for automatic payments. Our Budget Plan begins in May and allows you to spread your propane bill into level monthly payments ending in April. Customers may join the Budget Plan no later than May. Budget payments will be adjusted accordingly. Based on your prior usage, we will estimate your monthly payment through April — No more big bills during the holidays! Plus, Automatic Gas customers who enroll in the Budget Plan enjoy a savings of 10 cents per gallon year-round.

Price Cap

Our Price Cap Plan guarantees your propane price per gallon will not go up all winter but can come down! For only $5.95 per month, about the price of a McDonald's Value Meal, you can join our Price Cap Plan. You can even participate in the Price Cap Plan in conjunction with the Budget Plan.


Our Pre-Buy Plan provides you the most control over your propane spending. Pre-purchase your propane now at a traditionally lower seasonal rate to guarantee your price per gallon for the entire heating season. We can help you determine the number of gallons to purchase.

Contact Us today to take advantage of the plan that best fits your needs.


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