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If you smell propane and/or suspect a gas leak, do not do anything that can cause a spark or flame. Any spark or flame in the area where propane gas is present may ignite the gas. (Click the image below to view a virtual home tour.)

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Take the following steps when you smell propane or suspect a leak:

  • Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames
  • Do not operate lights, appliances or electric equipment — Click to View: English | Espanõl
  • If possible, close all gas tank, cylinder or gas meter supply valves — Tank and cylinder valves turn off in the clockwise direction. Gas meter valves are in the off position when the handle is perpendicular to the piping
  • Ventilate the area — Click to View: English | Espanõl
  • Get everyone out and leave the area at once
  • Call your local fire department and propane service professional from a safe place such as a neighbor's home
  • Do not re-enter the area until it has been inspected by a professional and determined to be safe. Make sure the area has been aired out prior to your return
  • Have a propane trained service professional repair any leak, turn on the gas, leak test the system, check all the gas appliances and relight the pilot lights
  • Important Note: When called to your home for an Out-of-Gas situation, the Automatic Gas Co. technician/representative will need access to your home in order to complete a thorough GAS Check inspection. Someone will need to be home to allow an Automatic Gas Co. representative to enter your residence.
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General Safety Precautions

General safety procedures to follow when using your propane appliance(s):

  • Be alert for the odor of propane when around a gas appliance or container.
  • If you smell gas, do not try to light the appliance. Call your propane supplier.
  • Read and follow the operating and lighting instructions and warning labels provided by the appliance manufacturer.
  • The pilot has a safety device. If you have trouble keeping it lit, this device is warning you about a problem. Call a service technician for assistance.
  • Never force any appliance control. If you cannot operate the knobs, switches or buttons by hand, call your supplier. Never tamper with the controls.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Keep combustibles, such as curtains, paper, cleaning fluids, etc., away from any energy source, including gas and electric appliances where they may cause a fire.
  • Have a fire extinguisher readily available. Be sure it is charged and that you and your family know how to use it.
  • Gas appliances, like humans, need oxygen (air) to function properly.
  • If you smell gas near your tank or cylinder, call your propane supplier.
  • Use only listed propane appliances. Look for the seal from a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory.
  • Use gas grills outdoors only. Use or store propane cylinders outdoors only.


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