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GASCheck GASCheck™

Greenville Automatic Gas — GASCheck™

At Greenville Automatic Gas, safety is our #1 concern. We participate in the National Propane Gas Association's GASCheck™ Program to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. Greenville GASCheckAutomatic Gas performs a GASCheck™ for all new customers and periodically for current customers...and we do it free of charge*. A GASCheck™ consists of the following:

    • Overall inspection of your tank
    • Block and level tank if necessary
    • Pressure test the yard line
    • Pressure test furnace line and fittings
    • Check furnace and fresh air supply
    • Pressure test water heater vent and fresh air supply
    • Pressure test all other gas lines to all other appliances and inspect all appliances to make sure they are clean burning and properly vented

During the summer, we also perform the following services for our customers' tanks if needed:GASCheck

    • Overall inspection of your tank
    • Remove dirt, rust and mold
    • Paint the tank with Flynt Aluminum Paint


* The first GasCheck is performed free of charge, repeated out-of-gas occurrances will incur a service charge.

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